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Starting Never Ends – Sony

Every new story, every new shape, is a brand new beginning.

The creative journey
means starting something.
Time and time again.


By starting to shoot photos or videos, some have started a job,
started a business, and even started a movement.
By starting something new, some have learned to start over.
They love the thrill and the terror of the challenge.


At Sony, this is what drives our innovative spirit.
Knowing that there is no finish line. Only new start lines.


It’s why we will never stop discovering, pioneering, inventing,
and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
even as the leader of our category, because…


Starting Never Ends.

  • DIRECTOR/CD: Jonathan Key
  • ART DIRECTOR: Marty Luther
  • PRODUCTION: Winifred
  • DOP: Campbell Brown
  • DESIGN: Mike Spiteri
  • SCRIPT: James Harvey
  • COPYWRITER: Anne Lau, Jeremy Southern
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Jay Patel, Christopher Quyen
  • EDITOR: Lucas Vazquez
  • COLOURIST: Fergus Rotherham
  • FX: Fin Design + Effects

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