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SONY Alpha R Series

Gear for the Perfectionist.

SONY is globally recognised for its remarkable delivery of innovation and quality across all their electronics. Their Alpha 7R series is nothing short of this; their high-resolution, full-frame mirrorless range boasts some of the most impressive camera specs the industry has ever seen.


We were approached by SONY Australia to design and roll out a campaign to promote this series across the country. Focused around the camera features of clarity, responsiveness, reliability, stamina, beauty, and refinement, the images were then carefully curated to suit each of these core themes.


A microsite was also created and crucial to this project as it enabled users to discover and learn from some of Australia and New Zealand’s most talented photographers. The site was also intended as an interactive ‘journey’, as it guided users through snippets of the photographers’ trips to various locations. It also included a ‘What’s In My Bag’ feature to showcase some of their ‘must-have’ photography gear.


The campaign was executed across a number of digital and print platforms, including social media, various photography magazines and in-store advertising.

    Jonathan Key
  • DESIGNER: Catherine Tsang, Cathy Nguyen
  • COPYWRITER: Anne Lau
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS: Craig Parry, Jason Charles Hill, Luke Tscharke, Mark Galer, Meghan Maloney, Pat Kay

Digital banners to promote the SONY A7R series

Mobile friendly version of the SONY microsite

Home page of the microsite

A gallery consisting of curated images that guide the user along the photographer's trip

'What's In My Bag' feature where users can click to learn more about the photographer's gear

Animated digital ads for Instagram

Animated digital ads for Instagram

Digital ads designed for an Instagram carousel

Mobile friendly version of the SONY microsite