Visuals for the world’s most body-positive runway

Known for producing the world’s most body-positive runways, The Iconic Summer Show ‘19 evolved its traditional swimwear line-up to a showcase of both swim and ready-to-wear, highlighting that the Aussie summer isn’t just for everybody, it’s for everyone. We collaborated with TEAMEVENT to create 25 minutes of runway visuals for the event.

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Visuals for the world’s most body-positive runway

4 Visual concepts: The 90s, Safari, Retro Tech and Cali Escape were created as an ever-evolving visual backdrop for the progressive and inclusive runway show.

Film Burns, VHS scanned textures, grain and colour grading were applied across a range of curated footage to give this runway an iconic visual flavour.


Design, Film,

Cali Escape - The Iconic

The 90s - The Iconic

Retro Tech - The Iconic

Safari - The Iconic

Event Credit: Team Event @teamevent • Photography: Frankie Owen @moments_by_frankie