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Portland Unpacked

From arts to craft beer, makers to food carts, Portland overflows with cultural offerings.

A creative city deserves a creative social media presence.

Animated content utilizing audio from the Portland Unpacked Podcast was created to use across Instagram and Facebook.

This innovative approach to tourism
marketing stands out from the crowd to
engage travelers on a deeper level.

Hosted by well-known Australian actor, commentator and DJ, Faustina Agolley, “Portland, Unpacked” is a new six-episode podcast revealing the diverse layers that makeup Oregon’s largest city. Portland, Unpacked goes beyond the city’s well-earned “Keep Portland Weird” reputation, with Agolley “unpacking” the city’s vibrant food, music, coffee, design, and cannabis culture.

  • Art Direction, Animation & Design: Catherine Tsang
  • Art Direction: Jonathan Key