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Mansionair – Shadowboxer

3:AM were approached by Mansionair to help make their album artwork for their very first debut album ShadowBoxer, as well as the rollout of the marketing campaign. Inspired by their music the artwork used a combination of paint, colours and textures encased in the Mansionair logo. Expanding on the logo we created a set of symbols which help identify each song.

Diecut album sleeve

Symbol representing each song

Inner Sleeve Artwork

4 Sheeter Street Poster

4 Sheeter Street Poster (Detail)

Album Package - Double LP

APPLE MUSIC: The album cover was chosen as the primary album cover on Apple Music's home page

Merchandise - Digital Print T-Shirt w/Symbol Patch

Spotify Canvas / Instagram Story Campaign

We Could Leave (Lyric Video)

Single Artwork connects to create logo

Shadowboxer - Teaser

Stencils of Shadowboxer Symbols, positioned throughout Laneway Music Festival