WIBIH is a solution accelerator for world class organisations. They advise government agencies, defence forces, publicly listed and not for profit companies on how they can better navigate the future.

WIBIH came to 3:AM with a unique challenge. How do you create a visual identity for a company with clients ranging from defence, government, retail to energy?

After rounds of logos and research, we found discovered a new perspective — WIBIH’s advantage is being able to visualise risk. Seeing things where others don’t. Seeing all the elements, gathering information and being able to decipher it until actionable outcomes are revealed. It’s not just about seeing it from a lens, it’s also the act of moving things around in a real tangible way. In addition, there can be multiple solutions to one problem depending on the client and context.

With this perspective, the idea of a modular moving identity took shape in the form of a tangram, a puzzle that had complexity, depth and yet, a child could play with it.

Creative Direction, Design: Jonathan Key • Design Assist: Catherine Tsang